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Quality Assurance

Quality Control:

A company is always known by the quality of its products and not the quantity it produces. Here in “Lion Color” our first priority is all about Quality. Lion Color takes special care in maintaining the Quality of its product by monitoring closely at all stages. Right for Procurement of raw materials, selecting all materials in FIFO bases, Maintaining standard suppliers, Testing all perameters, we always keen to deliver best to our custumers.

At very close range our Q/C and R&D lab is well equiped with most mordern equipments for testing all our dyestuffs. We also belive in regular upgradation of our equipments and devices as per market and our custmer’s needs.

The state of art laboratory is well equiped with following machines:

1. Spectro Photometer

2. Rota Beaker Dyeing Machine

3. Padding Mangles

4. Digital Pan Balancing Machine

5. Leather Dyeing Machine

6. Washing Fastness Machine

7. Digital PH Meter, etc.


Quality assurance:

Quality assurance is defined as all those possible planned and systematic actions necessary to provide adequate confidence than a product or service will satisfy given requirements for quality. The Quality Assurance Department is assigned to maintain consistently uniform quality of the material in process and various stages of its manufacturing.