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Paper Dyes

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Lion Color has a long tradition as supplier of dyes to the paper industry. We have gained a deep understanding of the relationships between chemistry and paper making from our value added customers. Our valuable customers are not only the largest paper mills of India but also many multinational conglomerates.

Paper Products :

Coloration: Range of Perfinaze Dyestuff (containing acid dyes, direct dyes, basic dyes) and Toptint Pigment preparations
Whiteness: Onewhite Optical Brightening Agents (OBA)

Applications :

– Printing & Writing
– Coated Paper
– Tissue & Toweling
– Packaging & Board
– Newsprint

Our Paper range provides total solution of coloration and whiteness for all kind of papers. By combining our focused product range with the application services of our paper experts around the globe, we enhance both the optical and functional properties of paper. Additionally, we constantly optimize the production processes for our clients.