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Manufacturing Flow

1. Purchasing raw materials: A well planned purchase of raw materials for timely production and delivery of dyestuffs. We make import raw materials with us well in 3 months advance. All purchases made by our import team are based on selective sources only, in order to avoid any kind of stipulation in final product. We forecast market fluctuations based on their long experience and various technology-information and secure necessary raw materials in time.

2. Inspection of Materials: Materials inspection prior to processing aims to identify the characteristics accurately. Our inspection staff of the quality control department checks material thoroughly according to given Inspection procedure manual.

3.In Process: According to the recipe of a product, an appropriate quantity of materials are taken in the batch. All meters and measuring instruments & apparatus are regularly inspected and calibrated as per Standard procedure manuals.

4.Batch inspection: We maintain the main product after Process in best quality, the inspection team in the quality control department makes strict inspections of all items and assesses them to determine in all aspects.

5. Spray Drying : Lion Color has a complete different unit of  spray drying, we take our all material in another unit where environment friendly equipment makes all material in fine particles.

6.Blending: Lion Color has equal no. of Blender capacity of its production, we separately blends all colors in different Blenders in order to match the quality of customer. Blending is done by trained team.

7. Quality Inspection : The quality control team collects samples from all manufactured items by lot to compare with the standard samples through the spectrophotometer and dyeing test, We specially take samples from bag to bag if needed and if customer has a special demand.

8. Packaging: Lion Color has designed special Drums, Bags and Boxes for its customers. We provide packing as per the requirement of customers. We use Heat Treated fumigated pallets for all our orders in order to keep the cargo safe and sound.

9. Delivery of Cargo: We Believe in prompt delivery and at time delivery, which makes us better then other company globally. Lion Color always understands the requirement of its Customers. Our Try is to available our goods in Time. Fastest shipping line with minimum transit days is what we chose for delivering our Cargo.