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Lion Colors Presenting the Quality of Color Dyes


LION COLOR is located in the industrial city of Ahmedabad, Gujarat, in the western part of India, which is known as the chemical hub of India. We have three (3) separate production units which includes Dyes unit, Intermediate unit, Spray Drying unit and each unit is headed by qualified and experienced professionals.


Lion Color is dedicated to give all of its clientle the suitable services in every aspects as per their requirment. We belive in motto of multinationals, thus we follow strict rules and regulation in all our products which end of the day meets requirment of our clients.

We deals in Reactive Dyes, Acid Dyes, VAT Dyes, Solven Dyes, Direct Dyes, and Intermidiates.


A company is always known by the quality of its products and not the quantity it produces. Here in “Lion Color” our first priority is all about Quality. Lion Color takes special care in maintaining the Quality of its product by monitoring closely at all stages. Right for Procurement of raw materials, selecting all materials in FIFO bases, Maintaining standard suppliers, Testing all perameters, we always keen to deliver best to our custumers.


As the Company’s Tag Line goes, we are engaged in the developing products to reduce the environmental impact by using process that minimize water and energy consumption which ensures a good Coloring Future to our Next Generations.

Who are we?

After a striving effort and dedication in learning roots of Dyestuffs and Intermediates for more than almost half decade, the Co-Founder of Lion Color MR. DEVENDRA B PATEL decided to start a venture. Lion Color is not only looking for getting Bulk Customers but giving importance to Small buyers around the globe. Lion Color is founded with a vision of making friends around the world and not just customers; this gives an extra edge to company to serve their buyers with all requirements which includes consistent quality, cost-effective products and timely delivery of material to their destinations. In Lion Color we stand parallel with our customers & provide them with time to time technical services whenever required.

Lion Color is a proud member of GCCI (Gujarat Chamber of Commerce) and Chemexcil.

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